Al-Mawa'idh Al-Usfuriyah Makna Pesantren petuk [PDF]

عنوان الكتاب : المواعظ العصفورية

المؤلف :  الشيخ محمد بن ابي بكر المشهوربعصفوري

Al Mawaidhz Al Usfuriyah Pdf, one of the Sufism study materials usually studied by students in Islamic boarding schools.

This work presents spiritual advice presented in story form, so that it is able to inspire the hearts of readers to emulate the characters in the stories presented.

In this book there are many inspiring stories presented according to the theme of the advice to be conveyed.

One of the most famous stories from the work of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abu Bakar is the story of Umar ra's friend. and the Usfur bird (a type of small bird).

At that time Sayyidina Umar ra. met a small child playing with the Usfur bird, then Umar ra's friend. decided to buy the bird and let it go out of pity.

Then after he died, there was a character who dreamed of meeting him, and that character asked about Umar ra. in the afterlife.

"O Umar, how has Allah treated you?" The figure asked, "Allah has forgiven my sins," replied Sayyidina Umar.

"For what reason were you forgiven, with your justice, your generosity, or with your asceticism?" asked the character in response to Umar ra's answer.

Then Umar's friend said, "When you put me alone in the grave, two very terrible angels came to me, when the two angels were about to question me, suddenly I heard a voice, "Leave my servant alone, I have loved and forgiven him because of his mercy towards him. usfur bird while still in the world".

This is the first saga presented in this thin book which contains a collection of hadith advice, so this book was later given the name Al Mawaidh Al Usfuriyah.

Title of the Book: Al Mawa`idz Al Ushfuriyah 

Subjects: Spiritual Motivation, Tashawwuf 

Author / Mushannif: As Shaykh Muhammad bin Abi Bakr, Al Ushfury

File Format: Pdf

Number of Files: 1

Page Thickness: 33 Pdf Pages

File Size: 30.89 Mb.

This book is equipped with the meaning of the Javanese language in the style of the Petuk Islamic boarding school, very useful for those of us who are still in the learning stage of reading the Yellow Book of Gundul.

Friends of Shepangaropustaka who want to read and own this Mawaidz Ushfuriyah, please take the file at the link we have provided below.

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