Syamsul Ma'arif Kubro Pdf, complete with translation

Syamsul maarif al kubra Pdf

عنوان الكتاب : شمس المعارف الكبرى

المؤلف :  الامام ابي العباس احمد بن علي البوني

Syamsul Ma'arif al Kubro Pdf, Is one of the yellow books that contains discussions about the science of wisdom. In this book, various tips and solutions are explained in overcoming various kinds of life problems, such as arranged marriages, curing illnesses, making trade successful and so on.

The book Syamsul Maarif kubro by Imam al Buni is indeed very popular. Mainly among the students who like to deepen, and pursue the science of wisdom. For the purpose of preaching while helping people who need it.

For those of you who want to study this book. We have prepared three versions of Syamsul Maarif's book. Classical, printed, beirut and translated versions.

Syamsul Maarif kubro classic version

The first is an old printed version. in this printed version, is the printed version of the syi'biyah syi'biyah beirut libna. we consider this to be a classic version, because the writing style and arrangement are similar to the classic yellow book in general, not so neatly like the latest printed books. An example of how the book looks like is shown below.

Download kitab Syamsul Maarif kubro pdf

Book identity:
Book title: Syamsul Maarif Al Kubro

Topic of discussion:

The discussion of this book is about the science of wisdom, the secrets and efficacy of the verses of the Koran for the attainment of desires, health, and so on.


The book Syamsul Maarif Al Kubro was compiled by Imam Abi Al Abbas, Ahmad bin Ali Al Buni.

How to download:

To get this book in pdf format, all you have to do is press the download button that we have provided, then you will be directed to where this book is stored, and there is also a place to download it.

Then all you have to do is press the download icon, the download process will immediately run by itself, please wait until the download process is complete.

File Type:

file size:
8.4 Mb.

Total Pages:
The pdf file of the Syamsul Maarif Al Kubro book you are looking for has a total of 536 pages.

New version of Syamsul Maarif

Then there is the modern printed version. Namely the second printing from the publisher "Muassasah al Nur lil Mathbu'at" - Beirut, 2006 AD/1427 H. You can see the appearance of the book in the image below. It looks neater than the classic version.

Download kitab Syamsul Maarif kubro pdf, cetakan baru

Syamsul Ma'arf translation version

The last one is the translated version. This version is perfect for those of us who want to benefit from Syamsul Maarif's book, but can't yet read and interpret the yellow book in Arabic.

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